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How to Rescue a Poodle

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Dog crate

  • Dog kennel

  • Fenced yard

  • Grooming supplies

It is difficult to imagine someone neglecting or mistreating a beautiful poodle. Thousands of purebred dogs are in animal shelters and rescue centers around the country. Would you consider offering a forever home to one of these purebred poodles? You may have to help the poodle regain its health, but when healthy, your dog will repay your kindness with love and devotion for years to come.

Adopt a poodle from your local animal shelter, or better yet from a kill shelter located in your state. Most animal shelters require an application, three personal references, veterinarian contact information, spay or neuter contract and an adoption fee. Some shelters euthanize pets that are not adopted within their established period, as well as pets that are sick or too old to be considered adoptable. If your poodle isn't at the shelter today, keep checking back at least once a week. Leave your name and number, but remember to call and check back, because names can be lost or forgotten as volunteers change.

Visit poodle rescue centers. Websites such as PoodleCam, Poodle Rescue and Adoption, and the Dog Pages can help you locate a poodle rescue organization (see Resources below). Go to special rescue adoption events held each month at pet stores and plazas. If the rescue doesn't have your poodle today, leave your name and phone number, or fill out an application to adopt. Ask them to notify you whenever they are about to rescue a poodle, and let them know that you want to help.

Place an ad in your local free weekly advertising newspaper indicating that you want to rescue a poodle. You can also place your want ad free on PetFinder Classifieds, your area Craigslist or Free Pet Classifieds. Look for pets being "rehomed" to see if your poodle is already waiting for you.

Locate a veterinarian who has a heart for caring for rescue dogs and offers discounts for services. Typically, rescue dogs need emergency office visits and medications to treat them for illness, undernourishment and parasites. Let the veterinarian know that you want to rescue a poodle.

Remember that animal shelters, rescues and veterinarians are busy, and volunteers come and go, so call back often, visit in person if you are able and check their websites at least once a week for new listings.


  • Crates offer animals their own safe place. Purchase a dog crate, leash, collar, dog dishes, dog food and grooming supplies before you find your poodle.


  • Some subdivisions, cities or townships have restrictions on the number of pets that each family can keep on their property.