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How to Register My Dog

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • American Kennel Club application

  • Information from dog's breeder

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Credit card

Dogs are eligible for American Kennel Club registration as long as the breeder registers the litter the dog came from. A common misconception is that only dog owners who wish to enter their pet in dog shows should register their pet. There are many advantages to registering your furry friend with the AKC. Registration provides proof of accurate genealogy. Your pet is also recorded in a database with a personalized identification number. In the event that your dog is ever lost or stolen, the record will provide proof of ownership.

Get the American Kennel Club application and specific information about your dog from the breeder. Your dog's litter must be registered with the AKC before you can register it. If the breeder did not provide you with an AKC application, contact your breeder to obtain the paperwork. The application provides all the information you will need to register with the AKC.

Go to www.akc.org and click "Registration." Next click "New Puppy Owner."

Enter your dog's AKC registration number, which is located on the application the breeder provided you. Then enter your email address.

Enter details about your dog in the appropriate fields. This includes the dog's sex, colors or markings, type of registration and name. Confirm that all information is correct and click "Enter."

Enter your credit card information to pay the registration fee. Click "I agree" after reading the terms and conditions, and you are finished. Just wait for your registration papers to arrive in the mail.


  • Your registration documents should arrive in the mail within six to eight weeks.