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How to Figure Stud Fees When Breeding Dogs

| Updated November 01, 2017


  • When considering dog breeding, always take into account whether you are able to breed responsibly. There is a recognized overabundance of purebred dogs, so always ensure that there are enough reputable buyers for future puppies before breeding.

For those new to the world of purebred dog breeding, calculating stud fees can be challenging. There are several factors that go into determining if you should offer your dog at stud, and if so, how much you should charge in stud fees. The main point to consider is whether your dog will enhance the quality of his breed.

Compare your dog to well-established breed standards. The Kennel Club is perhaps the most respected organization specializing in dog breed information and is an invaluable tool to potential dog breeders. Your dog should meet and exceed all breed qualities.

Examine your dog’s genealogy and track record. You want to look for "famous" dogs in his bloodline, as each reputable name adds weight to your dog’s worth. You also need to consider his own track record: has he been shown often and what were his ratings? If your dog has been bred before, how did the previous litter(s) turn out?

Screen your dog for any genetic anomalies or other health concerns. Include any conditions to which your dog’s breed is predisposed. Many dog breeders now require genetic testing before agreeing to a match. Your local vet should be able to provide such screening.

Compare current fees being charged by other stud owners of your dog’s breed. This can be one of the best tools for accurately gauging the worth of your stud. Look for other studs that have similar traits to your own dog and take it into consideration as you make your decision.

Decide on a fee. You might have varying fees if you wish to make your stud available for travel. You should also consider accepting pick-of-the-litter in lieu of a monetary fee and choosing one of your stud’s puppies in return for services. This is a nice option for dog owners who specialize in performance or show dogs.