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How to Find an English Bulldog Puppy For Sale without getting Scammed

| Updated August 11, 2017

Finding an English Bulldog puppy for sale can be a daunting task. Since an English Bulldog puppy is so expensive, scammers do flood the market unfortunately. Let me share some tips on how to be safe when purchasing an English Bulldog Puppy for sale.


Do not give any money without seeing the puppy in person! Do not purchase an English Bulldog puppy online. See him or her in person, see how they have been raised, hopefully in a nice, well kept home, NOT a puppy Mill. You will also know everything is legitimate as well! Very important!


If it sounds TOO good to be true, it probably is! You may find ads that are very intriguing, "English Bulldog Puppy just $600!" Move on. English Bulldogs sell for much more than that, depending on your area, they may range from $1200 to $2200. If breeders can get $1200 per puppy, why would they sell one for that cheap? The puppy that you see online cheap, is most likely a scam.


Ask questions! Does Mom and dad live on the premises? Is the puppy Akc registered? Has the puppy had her first shots? Do they have any health problems? Is the puppy micro chipped? You may think this is a good thing, however, if the puppy is lost, the puppy will be scanned and the BREEDER will be on file as the owner. they micro chipped the puppy, and registered them all in their name. Now you have to wonder if the breeder will contact you or keep the puppy. If your English Bulldog is not nmircochipped, you can have it done, and in YOUR name!

Understand where you can go to buy your English Bulldog Puppy! You can go straight to the AKC website. Put in your zip code and they will list the closest breeders with puppies. These will be legit. The breeder had to register their litter prior to being able to post in the classifieds. You can also look in your local newspaper, but again, go see the English Bulldog in person!