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How to Potty Train a Shih Tzu

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Puppy

  • Patience

  • Towel

  • Praise

You have seen this adorable little pup that looks like a walking mop, that describes our Missy, she loves to cuddle, hugs you when you get home and loves her ice cream. She actually cries like a two year old when the ice cream man comes around our house, she will get her leash and come running up the stairs to tell you that the ice cream man is there. The tiny little Shih Tzu makes a wonderful addition to your household. They are quiet, cute, small and lovable. Your puppy now needs to be taught that going potty on your clean rugs or floors is not an acceptable behavior. You have to Potty Train your Shih Tsu

Carry your puppy outside the first thing in the morning, to the place you designate for her to do her business. Place your puppy on the ground and tell her in simple words what you expect. Tell her: “Missy, Go Potty”. She only needs five minutes to decide to do her business, if she has not done her business in five minutes pick her up and without showing any emotions or giving her any attention calmly put her back in her crate.

Check on her in 5 to 10 minutes, then pick her up and take her back outside to her designated place. When your Shih Tzu Puppy starts to do her business, praise her by saying her name and telling her: “Missy, good girl, good potty!” . Pick her up and take her back inside, allow her to play before going back into her crate.

Continue to do this every time that she has to go. Be consistent with your routine. Pay close attention to your puppy, many times they get excited upon returning into the house and being played with that they may have mistakes and go unintentionally. If your puppy starts to squat, tell her “No” in a loud voice, clap your hands, make some noise

Distract her from doing some business in your house. Pick her up and place a towel under her as you rush her outside to her designated area. Once she is in her designated area tell her “Missy, Go Potty”. Wait for her while she does her business then praise her by saying her name and telling her “Miss, good girl, good potty”

Be consistent with your routine, take her out at approximately the same time every morning, afternoon and evening, before you retire for the night. She will be potty trained within a week.


  • Remember that she is young and that she will make mistakes. Praise her when she has done well. Use simple commands when training a puppy.


  • If your puppy has an accident while you are not around to witness the deed, don’t punish her, she will not understand what she did wrong. If she stoops to go while you are watching, correct her then, clap your hands, distract her attention, tell her “No” then pick her up and take her out to where she is suppose to do her business.