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What People Food Can an Orange-Winged Parrot Eat?

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Orange-winged parrots are mid-size birds from South America. In the wild, they are commonly seen in nations such as Peru, Bolivia, French Guiana and Brazil. Orange-winged parrots are adored as pets for their generally laid-back and pleasant temperaments. Orange-winged parrots (Amazona amazonica) are also called orange-winged Amazons and Loro Guaros.

Basic Details

Orange-winged parrots usually grow to around 12.5 inches long. Their feathers are predominantly green and display blue, orange, reddish-orange, yellow and greenish-yellow elements. Their talking skills are strong, and they can sometimes be on the loud side. They thrive on interplay with people. The more they encounter speaking in their daily lives the more talkative they tend to become. In nature, orange-winged parrots reside in numerous types of environments, specifically woodlands, grassy plains and rain forests. They often establish nests within openings of trees.

Human Food

Certain human food that is healthy -- and kept in strict moderation -- can be appropriate as an occasional treat for orange-winged parrots. They can eat hard cheese cut up into small pieces, and cooked beans. Like most birds and even many people, orange-winged parrots appreciate chopped up fresh vegetables and fruits in their diet. Veggies are beneficial as daily offerings, and fruits are OK a couple of times each week. Some of the fruits and vegetables that are suitable for them include Swiss chard, apples, dandelions, lettuce, pomegranates, oranges, green beans and carrots. Do not provide any pet bird with any human food or produce unless you are fully certain of its appropriateness. An avian veterinarian is an excellent resource if you have any food questions.

Basic Diet

Commercial pellets, available at pet supplies shops, make strong foundations for green-winged parrot diets. Look for a nutritionally complete formula that caters to the exact dietary needs of your pet's species. If you aren't sure what specific food to use, speak with an avian vet to get some recommendations.

Diet in Nature

Healthy table food clearly isn't an option for orange-winged parrots in nature. Their wild diet is made up of lots of fruits and seeds. Other common foods these birds eat are leaf buds, flowers and nuts. Some of the specific fruits they consume are mangoes, oranges and palm fruits.