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Are Sengal Parrots Loud?

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Bringing a parrot into your home is a big commitment, so some prior knowledge of the various different species' behavioral patterns is essential before you make your choice of companion. If you live in a tiny apartment, for example, you may want a quieter parrot. A Senegal parrot just might fit the bill.

Basic Temperament

Senegal parrots (Poicephalus senegalus) are innately meek creatures, according to the International Association of Avian Trainers & Educators. Although they are on the timid side, they're often spirited, energetic, amiable and loving birds. It isn't rare for these parrots to develop strong connections to specific people -- usually one at a time. Senegal parrots also tend to be quieter than the majority of big parrots.

Copying Sounds

Although Senegal parrots aren't too loud in comparison to some birds, they're indeed capable of vocalizing. Individuals of the species frequently imitate the sounds they regularly hear, from microwave oven beeps to the barking of dogs. They even have the ability to learn words and simple sentences and phrases -- like "hello" and "how are you?" Not only are these parrots regular copycats, they also can occasionally demonstrate straightforward tricks -- waving hello, for instance. Senegal parrots are, for the most part, highly inquisitive birds. Because of this characteristic, they're often well aware what's going on in their environment.


Apart from merely copying sounds, Senegal parrots also have their own repertoire of vocalizations, including piercing shrieks, squalls, screams and whistles. If a Senegal parrot is feeling hyper, you may notice especially loud behaviors, so take note. If you want a pet that is quiet 100 percent of the time, the Senegal parrot is one to rule out. Although they're quieter than many birds, they can have their noisy spells.

Quieter Birds

Some birds have reputations for being especially loud, such as cockatoos, macaws and African grey parrots. Others, such as pionus and Indian ring-necked parakeets, are decidedly calmer and quieter. It's important to remember that all parrots are individuals. Some Senegal parrots may be louder than certain cockatoos, for example, so you may just surprise yourself.