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List of Foods That an African Grey Parrot Can Eat

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An African grey parrot, like any animal, needs a balanced diet. Avian veterinarian Laura Wade suggests that a seed-only diet harms a parrot's health. The African grey species is prone to having low levels of calcium and beta-carotene, so his daily diet should include some green leafy vegetables and carrots.

Approved Parrot Foods

The basic African grey diet should consist of bird pellets suited to parrots. Supplement with high-quality bird seed and a range of fruit and vegetables, but make sure he gets more vegetables than fruit, because of fruits' higher sugar content. Suitable green vegetables for African greys include broccoli, kale, collard greens, leaf lettuce and green peas. For beta-carotene, choose carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and red peppers. Although raw food has more nutrient, Laura Wade suggests you steam carrots and similar veggies for easier digestion. Peeled mango, melon, papaya and kiwi are suitable fruits, as well as grapes, oranges and any type of berry.

Foods to Avoid

Avocado flesh and skin are toxic, as are apple seeds. Remove pits from cherries, apricots and similar fruits before serving. Avoid milk products, because parrots can't digest lactose. Chocolate, caffeine, and both sugary and salty snacks are also harmful.