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What Do Ring-Necked Doves Love to Eat?

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Ring-necked doves (Streptopelia risoria) are domesticated birds that originally hail from arid and grassy areas in Africa. Many ring-necked doves reside in captive settings, where they often feed on diets centered around pellets. They're also commonly referred to as barbary doves.

Diet Foundations

When you first bring a ring-necked dove into your life, make sure not to transition him into any new food abruptly. Speak to the breeder from which you acquired the dove and begin by feeding the same meals that are familiar to your new pet. When you introduce new sustenance to your ring-necked dove, go about it in a slow and measured manner. Ring-necked doves often thrive on diets that are based on either pellets or seeds. Speak to an avian veterinarian regarding selecting pellets or seeds that are designed specifically for dove consumption. Never feed your dove any foods that are tailored to other types of birds.

Occasional Treats

As with most pets, occasional treats can sometimes be good for ring-necked doves. Ring-necked doves adore eating some foods that are made for people. It's crucial to only give people foods once in a while, in moderation, however. If you put the food in a spoon, it should usually be an appropriate amount. Get your vet's approval before feeding your dove any treats made for people. Some of their loved "people treats" are steamed rice, sweet potatoes, sliced veggies such as carrots, cottage cheese and hard-boiled eggs. Not all of these things are instant successes with ring-necked doves, but the birds usually rapidly develop tastes for them. Outside of people food, ring-necked doves also often are fond of munching on mealworms.

Clean Water

While dietary staples and once-in-a-while snacks are often wonderful for ring-necked doves, it's vital to never forget one of the most crucial things their bodies need, and that's water. Fresh and clean water is a requirement for pet doves of all varieties, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wild Diet

The ring-necked doves that live out in the wild consume a wide array of foods. Some of the things that these doves feed on include insects, snails, grains, green vegetation, berries and seeds. They're often even considered to be nuisances by people due to their penchants for dining on cereal crops. When they live in cities alongside humans, they often enthusiastically look for findings in trash, as well. Since these birds are domesticated, free roaming specimens usually are those that somehow made their way out of aviaries.