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Can Hamsters Eat Oranges?

i orange. orange and half/ piece image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

Never assume that what is safe for you to eat is safe for a hamster to eat, too. It goes without saying your innards are more refined than his. Oranges are a fine example of foods you can eat but Hammie can't. They're good for you, duh. But keep them away from hamsters.

Hamster Mix

For proper nutrition and health, your hamster requires hamster food, and mostly just that. The ASPCA recommends feeding your furry rodent a quality hamster mix from a pet supplies shop. Hamster mixes usually consist of components such as pellets, cracked corn, grains and seeds. Stay away from mixes with additives and artificial colors.

Fresh Items

Although hamster mix is a vital element to nutrition, occasional fresh foods are integral. Make sure your pet consumes a couple little pieces of fresh vegetables and fruits once in every two to three days or so. Never allow your hamster to eat spoiled items, however. Suitable vegetable and fruit options for hamsters include apples, carrots, squash, blueberries, bean sprouts, carrots, strawberries, celery, melon, cherries, banana, mango, cauliflower, cantaloupe, peas, green beans, lettuce and spinach. Thoroughly rinse and dry fresh foods before you give them to your hamster. When you plan on bringing a new fresh food into your pet's diet, do so gradually. Abrupt dietary changes can lead to tummy discomfort and diarrhea in the little guys, so be careful.


In short, oranges are not an appropriate food option for hamsters. This applies to all citrus fruits in general, including tangerines, lemons and grapefruits. Because citrus fruits are highly acidic, they can lead to uncomfortable tummy distress and diarrhea in your hamster. Save your sweet pet the trouble and never offer him oranges or any other citrus fruits, or anything with citrus in it.

Other Food Hazards

Citrus fruits are by no means the only "no no" to a hamster diet. Never allow your pet to eat anything unless you are 100 percent certain of its safety, and consult your veterinarian before you feed him anything new. Some of the dangerous foods for hamsters are sweets, chocolate, rhubarb, raw potato, onions, garlic, onions, pickles and eggplant.