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Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

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Owning a dwarf hamster is an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding privilege, but not one that doesn't come with its own set of responsibilities and requirements. Cross-examine every single new food you bring into your sweet hammie's diet, whether it's a hard-boiled egg, slice of fresh apple or anything else.

General Diet

Keep your dwarf hamster's core diet strictly by the book with daily feedings of hamster mix from a nearby pet supplies store. Commercial mixes are balanced specifically to cater to your pet's needs, with the appropriate blend of pellets, seeds, cracked corn, crushed oats and other key elements. In terms of portion, give your hamster approximately one tablespoon of the mix daily.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Dwarf hamsters can indeed safely consume hard-boiled eggs once in a while, notes the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals organization. Give your hammie a boost of protein by feeding him some small pieces of a hard-boiled egg a couple of times a week or so. Slice the egg up into tiny and manageable bites, and always keep the portions very small. If your hamster for whatever chance doesn't consume all of the egg, take it out of his cage immediately. You want to make sure your hamster doesn't ever consume food that has started to rot or spoil, hard-boiled eggs or otherwise.

Pregnant Dwarf Hamsters

If your dwarf hamster happens to be an expectant mother awaiting a litter of wee baby hammies, then a little hard-boiled egg may be especially nutritionally beneficial, indicates the Small Animal Channel. Make sure your pregnant hamster receives some additional protein through occasional offerings of cut-up hardboiled egg pieces.

Other Hamster-Friendly Treats

Hard-boiled eggs aren't the only tasty and appropriate occasional hamster snack option out there. Reward your hamster with the occasional peanuts, sunflower seeds, bread or mealworm, for starters. Remember moderation, however, and always keep portions very minimal. Never ever let your hamster eat any new types of foods, however, without first getting the enthusiastic approval of your veterinarian -- whether hard-boiled eggs or any fresh fruit or veggie. Your precious hammie's health is vital, so don't be lazy about it.