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How to Make a Chipmunk Feeder

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In the world of rodents, chipmunks are primarily a welcome sight with their fluffy striped bodies, and busy, almost human-like hands. Chipmunks are ground feeders, preferring to find the day's offerings scattered amongst the leaves. Encouraging these little critters to stick around may be as simple as grabbing a piece of scrap wood, an old belt and bottle, filling it with a pet store "critter mix," and placing it in your chipmunk's favorite spot.

Just For Chipmunks

Step 1

Choose your bottle. The bottle should be glass, as the most determined squirrel can easily destroy a plastic feeder. The opening should be approximately 1 1/2 inches, so that squirrels cannot gain entry. Rinse the bottle well and allow it to dry.

Step 2

Choose your scrap plywood. A scrap piece only slightly wider and longer than the bottle works best. Sand any rough edges that may endanger your dinner guests.

Step 3

Attach the bottle to the scrap wood with an old belt. Use the hammer and nail to make a hole so that the belt is cinched tightly around the bottle and wood. Trim any excess from the belt.