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#LikeCatsAndDogs: 14 Ridiculously Cute Instagram Pics of Cat and Dog Besties

| Updated September 26, 2017

If people say cats and dogs can't be friends, they obviously haven't scrolled the #LikeCatsAndDogs hashtag on Instagram. Based on these photos, cats and dogs are basically besties. From sleeping together to playing together to eating together, these images of cat and dog friendships will definitely uplift your mood and brighten your day. From Instagram-famous cats to yet-to-be-discovered dogs, you'll be sure to find a new pet to follow on Instagram.

1. Paddington the shar pei and Butler the cat show that true love is blind. They also star in a line of greeting cards made by their owners.

2. Sometimes, fitting in with your squad is a bit of a challenge. Take it from Rosie who's pals with Infinity and Lilo the Husky.

3. Akashi and Oliver are a cat and dog best friend duo living in Japan. It's not clear who's going to win the staring contest -- Arashi, Oliver or the stuffed panda!

4. Keelo the golden retriever and Koda the rescued ginger cat look like they could be brothers from another mother. Koda may be a little jealous of Keelo's new friendship with kittens who came over for a playdate.

5. But first, let me take a selfie. Friendship means always letting your friend show their best side — even if it's the same as yours.

Selfie tipo viviendo peligrosamente 😼😻 #selfie #cats #ilikecats #likecatsanddogs #livinglavidaloca

A photo posted by Rosa Ortiz (@lachicachloe) on

6. When your human is a photographer, you always have to be picture-perfect ready. These pets have posing on lockdown.

#photographerspets are always #photoready . #likecatsanddogs the real story. #motherandson #catsanddogs

A photo posted by Yasmin Hankel (@yasminhankel) on

7. Anyone with a pet knows that their favorite toy will always be an empty box. This cat and dog duo found a box that was just the right size for each of them.

8. It's been a long day and all you want to do is Netflix and chill with your best friend. This cat and dog are no exception — they just want to turn on Planet Earth and zone out together.

Just chillin #hollyoes #kennythekitten #oes #portmelbourne #didnothingtoday #catsanddogs

A photo posted by Ben Culligan (@benculligan) on

9. Billie the beagle and Butter the cat know that napping together is better than napping apart. It doesn't hurt that they fit perfectly together.


A photo posted by @billielovesbutter on

10. Cosmo the cat and Buckwheat the pug don't argue over whether or not cats rule and dogs drool — they're too concerned with spending time together. Pug kisses are the best kisses, after all.

Me and Cosmo #catsrule #pugsrule

A photo posted by @buck_wheat_the_pug on

11. No matter how much you love your best friend, sometimes you don't want a kiss. This cat is all of us when an unwanted advance is made by our BFF.

Please let me kiss you #littlebay #catsanddogs 💋💋💋

A photo posted by Armi MacIntyre (@capfit53) on

12. File this under #squadgoals when your BFF's hair game is almost as strong as yours. Edwin the Persian cat's hair envies his best friend Lola the poodle's.

Lola & Me ❤️

A photo posted by Edwin 😻 (@edwin_thecat) on

13. "When you're trying to look hard to fit in with your crew" would be the best caption for this photo of Isis the kitten with her best friends, a Jack Russell terrier and a corgi.

14. Besties or frenemies? Sometimes it's hard to judge. Kevin the black and white cat was previously feral, so he's no stranger to excitement.

Tag your photos of your cats and dogs living in harmony with #LikeCatsAndDogs and you might find that your pet becomes Insta-famous.