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What Are Some Cute Names for a Ferret?

i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

When you bring home your new ferret you want to give him a name that is as cute and charming as he is. If you're having some trouble coming up with a name, look to your new friend's appearance or personality -- or even pop culture -- for inspiration.


One source of cute ferret names is his appearance. All ferrets are long and skinny so names like String Bean, Twiggy, Hot Dog or Noodle are apt. An Angora ferret with long, fluffy fur could be Lion, Fuzzy, or Teddy Bear. Names like Winter, Snowflake or Mr. Freeze are great for a white or albino ferret. Java, Sable or Mocha are perfect for a ferret with brown fur. A black and white ferret could be Tux, Oreo or Panda.


Ferrets are full of personality. Your ferret may always crave to be in your lap so consider Snuggles or Cuddles. Most ferrets like to snatch things, so names like Thief, Jesse James or Dillinger may suit him. Names like George, Sherlock or Holmes are great for the curious ferret. Since your ferret lives the pampered life, perhaps a regal name like Prince, Caesar, Zeus, Sheba or Cleopatra is ideal. Take a little time to get to know your ferret’s unique personality before choosing the perfect name.

Pop Culture

Your favorite movie, book or TV show can be source of inspiration for your ferret. If you’re a fan of fantasy, names like Gallifrey, Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, Tyrion or Cersei are interesting and unique. Fantasy stories are stuffed to the gills with colorful names. What is your favorite book? Maybe your ferret is a Gatsby, a Dorian or even a Sookie. You could bestow your ferret with the name of your favorite author like Poe, Tolkien or Dickens. TV, literature, celebrities, athletes and musicians are all great places to get ideas for a cute and original name.

Perfect Pairs

If you adopt two ferrets at the same time, consider naming them after a famous duo. Names like Batman and Robin, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Pinky and Brain, or Bonnie and Clyde are all sure to elicit an “aww” from your friends and family.


You can have fun naming your ferret, but there are a few things to keep in mind. A name that’s too long, like Zaphod Beeblebrox, will be hard for a ferret to learn. A relatively short name is easy for you to say and for your ferret to recognize. Naming a ferret after your favorite family member may seem sweet to you, but grandma could get offended to have your pet named after her. Names that are overused, like Bandit, have lost their shine and won’t be as cute as something unique and original.