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Do Pot Belly Pigs Get Along With Cats?

| Updated August 11, 2017

A potbelly pig can live as long as twelve to twenty years of age, and during that time they'll make many friends as well as some acquaintances they may not take a shine to (or should we say, "swine" to?). Where cats are concerned, however, chances are pretty good that they'll get along just fine--depending of course on how they're introduced and the personalities of the particular pets involved. Though, typically, relationships between these two species is one of indifference and/or tolerance, sometimes a cat-pig pair can be a match made in hog heaven, as in the case of Baz the pig and Findlay the cat shown in the photo above.

Those Puckish Pigs!

Potbellied pigs are playful and fun to be around. They have an excellent temperament, although they can be quite stubborn at times. Similar to cats, their curiosity is paramount and you can be sure they'll investigate absolutely everything...and I do mean everything! Also, because potbelly pigs live in herds they may not be the ideal family pet, as they have tendencies to dominate children when brought into a family environment.

Cats and Pigs

Cat owners can attest that there are just some cats who can't seem to get along with anything, whether it be another cat, a dog, a rabbit, or their owner! Then there are other cats that are compatible with every animal and human on planet earth. You just don't know how a cat will react to another (different) animal in the house. It's best to try and arrange with the potbelly pig breeder, pet shop owner or rescue group about having the pig on a trial basis in order to observe the interactions between the cat and pig. This tip would most likely apply to any new animal type introduced into your animal family.

Smaller May Be Better But…

A baby potbelly pig may get along better with an adult cat, but if you find that they fight constantly, it may be best to think about rehousing one of your pets. These fights can turn nasty and cause one or both animals serious injury. However, in most cases, a very young pig introduced into the home with cats may be a more agreeable situation but you still should evaluate this very slowly, case by case and be ever vigil if a fight breaks out!

On the whole, pigs generally treat cats with indifference (what a switch!) and they usually can tolerate each other and get along without any problems. The good news for potbelly pig owners is that this particular pig seems to get along with cats better than a number of other animals, so if your pig is lonely you may want to think about getting your pig a kitty pal!

Calvin Swine

My experience with a potbelly pig named "Calvin Swine" (reference my previous article about Calvin) who had been raised with a litter of Labradors paints a very different picture of a potbelly pig and dog relationship. I suppose Calvin was one of those pig exceptions to the rule.

Calvin himself thought he was a dog and his relationship with his dog family rarely, if ever, ended in violence.

At any rate, whether it be pig with cat, rat, dog or raccoon, I wish you all the luck in the world. And if the animals do interact favorably and get along, you can be sure of one thing—you'll have many, many adorable, heartwarming pictures to share with your family for a long, long time!

About the Author
Tom Matteo has been a freelance writer since 1992. He specializes in hardware and software reviews for computers and gaming systems, and occasionally writes about such topics as animal behavior and care. Tom resides in Bethlehem, PA with his wife Tina and his beloved cockapoo, Angel.

Image Source: Laura Shackles