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How to Play With a Pet Pig

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Play With a Pet Pig. With their intelligence and their social nature, pigs are playful at heart. Before you can play, though, you need to inspire a playmate in your pig by creating a trusting relationship. Once that is established, your pet pig will be coming to you for play sessions throughout the day.

Win her trust. Pigs as a whole can be slow to warm up to new people, so before you try to play with a pet pig, make sure she trusts you. Move slowly and speak in a calm voice. Give her a scratch in her favorite spot. After these initial moves towards friendship, she will be more likely to see you as a playmate.

Provide basic training. Pigs need training so they can understand your expectations and know what kind of play is appropriate. Even small pigs are very strong, and their play can become dangerous or destructive. Training should always be provided in a positive manner, and punishment should not be a focus.

Be affectionate. Pigs are social by nature, and they long for affection just like any social creature. Take time to cuddle with your pig and give her belly rubs. A pig whose social needs are met will be more playful overall.

Give him toys. A pet pig doesn't need fancy toys--a few sheets of newspaper or a blanket can keep him occupied for hours. However, pigs do appreciate fancier toys, especially when there is food involved. Pigs love toys that food can be inserted into so that the treats fall out as they roll it around.

Allow frolic time outside. Though pigs thrive as indoor pets, they must have time to run and play outside. Try games of chase outside, or root around in the dirt with your pig. She'll enjoy seeing you behave a little more like a pig!

Take cues from your pet pig. With his natural intelligence, your pig will likely find his own games to play. If you notice him playing a game, join in! See if you can discover the rules that he's created for the game and play it on his terms.