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How to Feed Potbelly Pigs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Pig chow

  • Water

  • Pig treats

Potbelly pigs are very clean and can be housebroken. They make great pets as long as they are cared for properly. Incorrectly feeding your potbelly pig can create many health problems such as weight issues and nutrition deficiencies.

Purchase pig chow from the pet store. Pig chow is a complete food that contains all the nutrients pigs need. Because pigs are omnivores, they don't make their own protein, and will have to get protein from their food. In the wild they get protein from dead animals and worms. Pigs that only eat vegetables and fruits will have problems later on.

Start potbelly pigs off with two cups of pig chow per day. Once they are one year of age, decrease the amount of feed somewhat. When dealing with piglets, you can also choose to let them eat as often as they want.

Monitor your potbelly pig's activity level. If you have a very active potbelly pig, you may need to increase the amount of pig chow since the pig will have a fast metabolism. If your pig is not very active, you may need to decrease the amount of pig chow.

Cut down the amount of pig chow you feed your potbelly pig, if it is able to graze outside during the day. In summer, when pigs can graze, you should feed less pig chow. In winter, you can increase the amount of pig chow.

Avoid feeding dog or cat food and most people foods to your pig. These foods don't have the proper nutrients that potbelly pigs need.

Provide clean water for your potbelly pig. The pig should have access to water all throughout the day. In winter, potbelly pigs tend to drink more water than in warmer weather.

Treat your potbelly pig with special pig treats from time to time. You can purchase potbelly pig treats from the pet store. Grapes, raisins and small pieces of cheese also work well. Don't treat your pig too often since they easily become beggars.


  • You can give your potbelly pig one children's complete chewable vitamin every day.


  • Do not feed your pig chocolate or candy.