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How to Care for Your 4-H Pig

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Pig Dusting Powders

  • Pig Wormer

  • Straws

  • Animal Water Buckets

  • Wood Shavings

  • Large Bucket

How to Care for Your 4-H Pig. Raising a 4-H pig will teach a youth valuable lessons about responsibility.

Provide a clean, dry, draft-free shelter for pigs. Despite their reputation, pigs need clean living quarters.

Provide bedding, such as straw or wood shavings, for warmth if temperature drops below 60 degrees F.

Provide water for your pig to lie in if temperatures are above 80 degrees F. This is how pigs cool themselves.

Feed your pig using a clean feeder located where the pig is unable to soil its food.

Provide fresh drinking water at all times. Keep water in a large water trough that can't be turned over, or purchase a self-watering barrel.

Check pigs weekly for lice or mange mites. Dust with lice dust if necessary. Check with local feed store for a good brand.

Worm pig at least once before you show it. You can use a wormer you mix in feed.

Check with veterinarian about vaccinations your pig needs.

Walk your pig around its pen to build muscle tone - something judges look for in show pigs.


  • Feed and water your pig daily - twice daily is a good feeding practice. Give your pig attention. Pigs love to be scratched and played with.


  • Pigs will root up grass, turning a once grassy pen into an all-dirt area. Place pigpen where you don't mind not having any grass.