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Colors of Mini Potbellied Pigs

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Henry Ford famously said that customers could buy his Model T in any color, "as long as it's black." The same was once true for potbellied pigs, but no longer. Today, these somewhat petite porcines are available in a variety of colors, both solid and multicolor.


Most miniature pigs are either solid white or black, or have a black or white base color with spotting of the opposite shade. A type called the painted miniature can also include solid red, red and white, black and red, silver and silver and white. The Mexican hairless pig, used for medical research because some of their organs are similar to those of people, are gray or black. The rare Kunekune pig includes solid black and solid white, as well as spotted coloration, along with gold, brown and tan.


No matter what color of potbellied pig you end up with, or whether the animal is touted as "miniature," "teacup" or other diminutive descriptions, you're likely to end up with a good-size adult pet. Figure that a grown potbellied pig is about the size of a large dog but more densely built. According to the California Potbellied Pig Association, it's rare to find a healthy, full-grown potbellied pig weighing less than 70 pounds. Most weigh 100 pounds or more.