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Potbellied Pig Diet

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Potbellied pigs are a domesticated breed of pets that make loving and relaxed if not conventional household companions. One of the keys to ensuring a positive potbellied pig experience is proper diet. These piggies are usually not shy when it comes to food. Just make sure you always give your cutie only food formulated exclusively for potbellied-pigs -- no exceptions.

Looking for Potpellied Pig Food

The bulk of your potbellied pig's diet needs to come from quality food designed specifically for the species. You may find a pet supplies shop that has potbellied pig food; if not, inquire with a veterinarian who focuses on exotic pets regarding placing a special order.

Potbellied Pig Food

Use a pelleted potbellied pig food that consists of ample fiber and relatively low protein -- think 14 percent protein or less -- and has a low fat content. Feed your pet two times a day, always closely following product label instructions.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Apart from the kibble foundation of a potbellied pig diet, give your piggie fresh fruits and vegetables in moderation. Moderation is especially vital when it comes to fruit, as the sweet things aren't exactly calorie or sugar-free. Feed your pot-bellied pig a small handful of fresh veggies each day, and keep fruit as a once-in-a-while treat. Give your pot-bellied pig 2 teaspoons of fruit two to three times a week, for example. Some suitable options for fresh fruits and veggies are carrots, cucumbers, celery, leafy greens, grapes and apples.

Other Occasional Treats

Apart from fruit, treats acceptable for potbellied pigs -- on a rare basis only -- include salt-free crackers and totally plain popcorn. Never introduce any new food item into your pot-bellied pig's diet, however, without first getting the approval of your veterinarian.

Avoid Foods for Other Animals

Abstain from feeding your potbellied pig food made for other animals. Commercial swine food, for example, is totally inappropriate, as it is formulated to encourage weight gain. Commercial dog food is also totally inappropriate, as it typically contains too much protein, sodium and fat -- not good at all for your pig. Avoid feeding your pig cat food, too. The nutrients in cat food do not cater to your potbellied pig's specific dietary needs.


Not all foods are safe for your pot-bellied pig, so always closely monitor what ends up in the pet's mouth. Keep your pig away from dairy products, meats, canned items, candy, chocolate and other people foods. Salt is also a major no-no. These human foods can trigger a variety of hazardous situations in pigs. Apart from creating a serious risk of obesity, some of these foods can trigger other major issues such as intestinal obstruction. Never allow your potbellied pig to eat anything unless you are 100 percent sure of its safety. If you're ever in doubt, your veterinarian is a wonderful resource.


Always keep clean and fresh water in front of your pot-bellied pig. Refresh your pig's drinking H20 at least once every day.