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Top 10 Cutest Golden Retrievers

| Updated September 26, 2017


The Daily Puppy presents the "Top 10 Cutest Golden Retrievers." Not only are these puppies adorable, but they have fun personalities to top it off. These puppies have it all -- from precious puppy eyes, to playful little habits that will make you like them even more. Get ready to “ooh” and “aww” over golden retrievers you'll wish were your own!

A Playful Little Brother

Dax is cute and funny at the same time. He loves to play and wrestle with his big sister all day long. We don't know what they would do without each other!

Golden retriever puppies having fun
i Bigandt_Photography/iStock/GettyImages

Sweet as a Valentine

Colbie is a British creme golden retriever that was born on Valentine's Day. She is full of character and love. Colbie is extremely fun and playful, and also polite and sweet at the same time.

Close-up sleeping face of one month old golden retriever puppy
i catinsyrup/iStock/GettyImages

An Energetic Explorer

Sophia Melody Petteway is full of fun and lively energy. She loves to be outside exploring. Everything she sees is a discovery and an adventure. We are so happy to share in all the fun!

Golden retriever puppy On the grass
i chendongshan/iStock/GettyImages

Born to Run

To say Hemingway is active would be an understatement. He loves to play in the yard, chase the ball and go exploring. He is such a loving dog. When he's tired he will sit right down in your lap and fall asleep, which should be interesting when he is full grown!

Running golden retriever puppy
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Salute to the General

This is General Douglas McCarthur, or Doug, for short. Doug is a very sweet, easy going, curious puppy. He learns quickly and is always eager to please! His favorite activities are eating -- a lot -- sleeping, and playing with his best friend, Tommy.

One month old golden retriever puppy smiling and laying in sun and grass
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A Free Spirit

As one of the fluffiest and fastest puppies in the neighborhood, LiLu also loves to chew sticks and sleep by her owner's feet. LiLu's other indoor activities are quite mischievous, she can get in trouble sometimes when she unravels her owner's yarn from her knitting basket, or runs around the house with toilet paper, leaving a trail behind her. LiLu's need for speed extends beyond running outdoors, she likes sticking her head out the window of cars too. All these charming, free spirited qualities make LiLu even more loved by her family.

Golden Retriever Looking Out Of Car Window
i kosziv/iStock/GettyImages

An Unstoppable Cutie

Burton is a golden retriever with a personality to match his name. He has a very sweet, laid back personality. Don’t let him fool you - Burton also has a rambunctious side when he plays with other puppies. He loves sticks, leaves, squirrels, birds, his toys, small children and the park. Despite his tornado of energy, Burton's family adores this little guy who's full of love.

Cute Golden Retriever Puppy with a soccer ball.
i Arthito/iStock/GettyImages

The Fun-Loving Pal

Sawyer is a sweet, rambunctious puppy who loves to chase leaves, play with friends in his puppy class, and meet new people. His favorite toys are his stuffed elephant and tennis ball. Sawyer likes to greet the neighborhood mail carrier and little kids during his daily walks. As you can see by his adorable smile, he's loving life in Ann Arbor and looking forward to playing in the snow!

Golden retriever puppy in the snow
i AlbyDeTweede/iStock/GettyImages

Not Your Average Pool Boy

Breaker was originally named for breaking waves, which makes sense for this water-loving puppy who spends most of his time poolside. Breaker's family believes that the name also fits his habit of making anything and everything into a chew toy. Brooms? Bottles? Computers? Toes? Yes, Breaker loves them all. He also has a softer side, snuggling up with everyone on the couch after a dip in the pool, is heaven.

Golden Retriever Puppy Exercise in Swimming Pool
i danaibe12/iStock/GettyImages

A Mouse's Best Friend

Charlie loves his best (dog) friend Mouse, his owner's socks and walks down by the river. Every day when Charlie gets home from puppy day care with Mouse, he makes sure to grab as many toys and socks in his mouth as he can. Charlie and his family spends most of their nights and weekends hiking in the forest or camping by the lake. Life for this puppy is pretty sweet!

two golden retriever puppies playing on a beach
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