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The Best Toys for a Miniature Pincher

| Updated September 26, 2017

Miniature pinschers are a small German breed of dog often called the “King of Toy Dogs,” because they are proud and courageous. Miniature pinschers, or min pins, are very inquisitive, and therefore require special toys that will satisfy their curious nature and keep them occupied. When you are purchasing toys for mini pinschers, be sure to buy several because these pups enjoy gathering their toys and hoarding them in their own special places.

Cloth Bones

If you want your miniature pinscher to have something to chew on that won't fall apart after the first day, give him a cloth bone. While pieces of rubber bones and chew toys may rip away, a cloth toy will withstand the min pin's constant chewing and abuse. Cloth bones are also a good size for your miniature pinscher, so that he can pick up his bone in the middle, thinner part and carry it around with him. Buy him several that he can transport back and forth to his collection in the corner or to his bed.

Cloth Squeaky Toys

Don't trust your miniature pinschers with the traditional type of rubber squeaky toy, because she will chew on it until the squeaker is exposed, and then possibly swallow it. Instead, buy your min pin cloth squeaky toys that she will not be able to chew through. Make sure you purchase a well-made toy that has the squeaker sewn securely inside, so it can’t slip out of a hole in the fabric and get into the dog’s mouth.

Plush Toys

Plush toys, such as stuffed bears or other types of stuffed animals, are great for a miniature pinscher to play with, attack and chew on. You can also easily throw them in the washer and dryer. Fleece is a nice, soft fabric that your min pin will enjoy and that will endure lots of chewing. Be sure the toy doesn’t have a tag sewn into the seam, or your pinscher might rip it off and swallow it.

Moving Toys

Toys that move will stimulate your min pin’s curiosity and keep her entertained. A toy that moves, such as a motorized mouse or something similar, will be a fun hunting activity for her. Cat toys are great for these purposes, as long as they don’t contain catnip.