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How to Entertain your Pitbull

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Chew Toys

  • Rawhides

  • Water Bottles

  • Paper Bags/Boxes

  • Training Treats

Pitbulls are extremely energetic dogs, they need their exercise and they need it now! If your Pitbull has started chasing his tail, it may be cute but it's a sure sign that he's very bored. Start entertaining your Pitbull to combat boredom which can often lead to misbehavior. Use these creative ways to get your Pitbulls mind and body engaged.

Start with the basics. Chew toys made of hard rubber that can take a beating are a good idea for Pitbull pups. Rawhides and other edible "toys" are great for short periods of time, but once the novelty wears off you'll likely find half eaten rawhides all over the house. When choosing a hard rubber toy (the Kong brand is ideal) look for those that can also engage your dogs mind. Pitbulls are very intelligent and they need constant mental and physical stimulation. Some of the better choices are hard rubber shapes with holes in them for hiding treats. It will frustrate your dog at first but they will certainly enjoy the challenge.

Experiment with "trash". Gator, my sweet little Pittie likes nothing better than a water bottle. His favorite is an empty water bottle with a pinch of dry cat foot inside. If trying out this method rattle the contents and then toss the bottle about. Your dog will quickly join in. This particular item is best used supervised. When left alone Gator ate half the plastic bottle to get to the goods inside. What I have found works well unsupervised, is a water bottle with an inch of water left inside, cap on of course. Once holes have been created your Pitbull will take pleasure in both drinking the leaking water and splashing it around. Another "trash" item your Pitbull may enjoy is a large paper bag with several noisy plastic bags inside. Gator loves to tear the entire contraption apart and he gets about an hours worth of enjoyment from it. Try thinking of new ways to use your "trash". Pitbulls love noise making, and getting things out of other things. An empty 12 pack box might be a fun addition with something stuffed or hidden inside.

Teach your Pitbull to "fetch". One of the easiest and most entertaining ways to get your dog moving is to play fetch. If he has not learned how yet try tossing his favorite toys a few feet from you. When your Pitbull picks an item up praise him and call him towards you. As soon as he is within reach take the toy (Teaching "drop it" is a whole other article) give verbal praise and give your pooch a treat. Now rinse and repeat. Never mind, that's shampoo, just repeat over and over until you know he has gotten the hang of it with or without a treat. Once taught fetch becomes almost second nature to most dogs, Pitbulls are no exception. Soon your pup will be bringing toys to you in a demand to play fetch.

Take your Pitbull outside. Whether you take him for a long walk on his leash or a rip roaring off leash romp in the park exercise is the key. If you are able to, get your Pitbull running. He's a working dog and he NEEDS to work. Let him chase his toys or a Frisbee, let him chase you if need be, but do get your Pitbull moving. The more exercise and mental stimulation your dog gets, the less trouble he will get into when left unsupervised. Please take it to heart a bored Pitbull is a destructive Pitbull, they are too intelligent to be bored. If you do not entertain them, they will find ways to entertain themselves.

Look into classes. Agility training and search and rescue classes are great ways to get your Pitbull out and about as well as keeping them entertained, mentally stimulated, and fit. Try to keep your play and work time fun for both of you, if you're miserable your dog likely will be too.


  • Train, train, train! Your dog loves training! It's mentally stimulating and makes for a better behaved dog. Try to go through training basics at least once a day even if only for a few minutes. Anytime you notice your dog is "overly" energetic it's a good sign that he is in deep need of physical activity. Try taking your cue from your Pitbull and use this signal to start an hour long "play" time. Try using any or all of the methods above to entertain your Pitbull and give him a healthier, happy, better quality of life.