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Safe Chew Bones for Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Dogs have a natural chewing instinct, especially teething puppies. It's important for owners to give them safe bones that are designed for their particular needs, sizes and breed types. This stimulates the dogs' mental faculties, as well as gives them a way to stay busy.



Nylabones are made from pure nylon, which makes them more durable than other types of bones. You can feel safe giving these to your dog since they won't break apart and get swallowed.

Kong Bones


Kong bones and chew toys are made of strong, tough rubber and come in a variety of designs to entice puppies, seniors and older, more aggressive chewers. These are supposed to stimulate your dog mentally as it works to try and figure out how to extract the treats from within.

Rawhide Bones


You can feel confident giving your dog rawhide bones if you buy reputable brands and supervise their use. Make sure to take away the rawhide if your dog is biting off large chunks that it would be unable to swallow.

Pig Skin Bones


Mesmerizing your dog's carnivorous instincts, this is a bone that tastes like a pig ear. It will stimulate a teething puppy or engage an older dog for hours.

Z-Ridge Chew Bones

Z-Ridge bones are made to promote good dental health. You can feel secure giving these to your dog since they aren't made with wheat, corn or soy, products that many dogs are allergic to.