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How to Open an Innotek Dog Collar to Replace the Battery

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • 2 three-volt lithium coin cell batteries

  • 1 six-volt alkaline battery

Innotek dog collars are specially designed to help dog owners train their pets without the need for yelling or touching the dog. The collar delivers a light prickling sensation to the dog's skin, making it pay attention to the trainer or owner even when the animal is across a room or yard. While most models offered by Innotek featuring a non-removable battery that is rechargeable, two models offer replaceable batteries. The batteries on the Innotek Lap Dog Trainer and Basic Remote Trainer should be replaced when they run low.

Replacing the Batteries on the Lap Dog Trainer Collar

Twist the battery cover, located on the back of the receiver box between the two contact probes, counter clockwise. Remove the cap and set it aside.

Tilt the receiver box until the two batteries fall out.

Replace them with two new 3-volt lithium coin cell batteries. The experts at Innotek recommend inserting the batteries with the positive side facing up towards the battery compartment lid.

Place the battery cover back on the receiver box, and twist clockwise with the screwdriver into the OFF position to close.

Replacing the Batteries on a Basic Remote Trainer Collar

Unscrew the metal battery compartment cap using a flat head screwdriver. The cap is located on the front of the receiver.

Remove the metal cap. Turn the receiver over to slide the battery out.

Insert a new 6-volt alkaline battery, and tilt the receiver to slide it in completely. Position the battery so the positive side faces the battery compartment cap, per the manufacturers.

Set the metal battery cap over the compartment, and turn clockwise with the screwdriver to tighten.


  • Lithium coin cell batteries can be challenging to find, but should be available at any camera store.


  • Do not install batteries in reversed polarity. This can cause the device to malfunction.