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How to Collect Bull Semen

| Updated August 11, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Artificial vagina

  • Teaser cow in estrus

  • Semen collection kits with extender

  • At least one helper


  • Wear steel-toed boots.

How to Collect Bull Semen. It's amazing that any calves born today are the product of live breedings, as there are so many advantages to using artificial insemination. AI breedings aren't limited by geography, so the potential for genetic diversity is increased. Also, a bull owner can collect enough semen from one ejaculate to service hundreds of cows, making it highly profitable. Follow these steps to learn how to collect semen for artificial insemination.

Watch experienced handlers collect semen many times before you try it on your own. Notice how the collector steps carefully around the bull to avoid injury.

Ask your veterinarian for collection-kit suppliers. Buy several kits so that you have them on hand for shipping fresh semen. These should include extenders and shipping equipment.

Make sure the artificial vagina is clean and that the collection bag is securely attached. Fill the artificial vagina with warm water and lubricate it.

Allow the bull to mount the teaser cow. Your helper should stay near the front of the animals while you gently direct the bull's penis away from the cow and into the artificial vagina. Take care not to injure the bull, or he may refuse to mate in the future.

Tip the artificial vagina gently so that the end with the collection bag is pointing down. When the bull has ejaculated, carefully remove the artificial vagina and allow him to dismount.

Time shipping of (extended) fresh semen in proper cooling containers so that the samples arrive within four days. Frozen semen can be stored for years.