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Uses for Bull Sperm

| Updated August 11, 2017

Bull semen has many applications and is widely used throughout the world. Some people use it because it is rich in protein while others use it to create more livestock. It is collected using an artificial vagina and a teaser cow. The bull ejaculates inside of a bag. The semen is then frozen and stored until purchase. It should be noted that taurine, an ingredient in energy drinks such as Red Bull, does not contain bull semen although it can be found in the animal's liver.

Hair Treatment

Using bull sperm, as a hair product, has become very popular in London. Bull sperm has protein in it, which is great for dry, damaged hair. The treatment, also available in the U.S., takes 45 minutes and costs between $90 and $138. Hari's, a salon in Knightsbridge, London, uses Aberdeen Angus bulls from a farm in Cheshire. The sperm is combined with the protein-rich katera plant. The product is massaged into the hair after shampooing


Bull semen is primarily used to impregnate cows. One company in Stillwater, Minnesota, Reproduction Enterprises Inc., collects the semen which is sold to ranchers and dairymen. Approximately 70 percent of dairy cows and 10 percent of beef cattle in the U.S. are bred through artificial insemination, according to Dr. Gordon Doak, president of the National Association of Animal Breeders in Columbia, Missouri. (See References 2)

Anti-Aging Cosmetic

Bull semen is one of the ingredients added to anti-aging cosmetics. Just like the hair treatment, it is mixed with the katera plant. This makes it very protein-rich, which is a desirable ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. Croatia and Japan also market products that contain bull semen, but they do not call it by its natural name.