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How to Collect Horse Semen

| Updated August 11, 2017

How to Collect Horse Semen. Artificial insemination is widely practiced among horse breeders; in fact, it's allowed by all breed registries except the Thoroughbred. Artificial insemination allows breeders a broader selection of sires, and semen extenders allow one stallion to service many more mares than a live cover. Use the following instructions to learn how to collect semen from your stud horse.

Watch many semen collections by experienced handlers before you attempt it on your own. Note carefully how the handlers move around the stallion to prevent injury to him and to themselves. A stallion in the throes of passion is even more dangerous than usual. If he's injured in any way, he may refuse to mate again.

Clean the stallion's penis with warm, soapy water and remove the "bean" (an industry term for the smegma that hardens and collects at the tip). Prepare the artificial vagina by filling it with warm water, lubricate and attach the collection bag.

Bring the stallion to the area around the phantom mare, then remove him and bring in the mare in estrus. Keep the stallion somewhere that she can see and smell him, but with a barrier so they can't get to each other. Wait until the mare urinates, direct her to the vicinity of the phantom mare. Remove the real mare.

Bring the stallion back, allow him to smell the mare's urine and encourage him to go to the phantom mare. This may take some time for a young stallion.

Stay close to the stallion and when he has mounted the dummy, direct his penis into the artificial vagina. When the stallion ejaculates, tip the angle of the bag end of the artificial vagina to the ground gently. Feel the lower side of the base of the penis for ejaculatory pulses so you'll know when he's finished. Remove the artificial vagina carefully.

Allow the stallion to dismount the dummy on his own.