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Characteristics of a Good Bonsmara Bull

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The Bonsmara is one of the most effective and economical types of cattle you can have in your breeding program. Bonsmara bulls were specifically bred to promote and produce specific qualities. A good Bonsmara bull will display the best characteristics of the breed and pass them on to his offspring.

The Bonsmara

The Bonsmara breed of cattle were intentionally created in South Africa after World War II. Bonsmara cattle are the result of crossbreeding African cattle with British breeds to produce larger animals that reach maturity fairly quickly, are hardy enough to survive in hot climates and are built to make the best use of rugged grazing areas.

The Ideal Bull

Bonsmara cattle are bred for economic efficiency. Bull calves are expected to grow and mature at a relatively quick rate. Bull calves who do not grow quickly enough or mature to too low a weight will not be admitted into the Bonsmara studbook. The ideal bull is very fertile, produces quick growing calves, is docile to handle and is easy to maintain physically. This means the bull should be healthy and should require a moderate amount of feed to maintain a good weight.

The Studbook

The Bonsmara Breed Society registers and brands all the bulls the organization considers acceptable breeding animals. To be registered, young Bonsmara bulls have to meet specific weight requirements throughout their development until they reach maturity. The bulls must also pass a physical inspection where they are checked for obvious physical flaws. Bonsmara cattle may not be shown in competitions; and the Bonsmara Breed Society will not recognize animals that are being shown or used for any type of activity other than breeding and beef production.


A good bull is a bull who not only shows the desired traits of the breed but also passes them on to his offspring. A bull who posses the good characteristics of the Bonsmara breed but does not pass those characteristics on to his offspring is not considered to be a good example of the breed. Bonsmara cattle are bred to produce high-quality offpsring, and any Bonsmara who does not produce high-quality offspring is not considered desirable.