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Do Ferrets Hide Food?

i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

If your adorable pet ferret has the habit of leaving food in the most random nooks and crannies of your household, do not get annoyed. His goal certainly isn't to give you more to clean up. Food-hoarding behaviors are actually relatively common in these wee mammals.

Ferrets and Food-Hiding

Some ferrets definitely like to hide their food. The little guys are foragers at heart. If they don't finish eat something, whether a normal meal or a yummy treat, they may whisk it away to a clandestine location for later enjoyment. This instinctive behavior may be a natural and innate urge to stock up on food for winter, when sustenance is anything but plentiful. Even if your ferret has a comfy indoor life with warmth and food and water, he's likely to have retained his ancestors' hoarding instinct.

Hiding Locations

You may notice that your ferret has a penchant for tucking his food away in rather unassuming spots -- think dark and confined areas, such as in closets, and underneath beds and furniture. If you have a suspicion that your ferret is hoarding food away, investigate within your home and start by looking in the corners of closed-up areas and under furnishings.

Hiding Toys

Hoarding behaviors in ferrets aren't exclusive to food. Some ferrets do the same with preferred toys. If your ferret has a particular fixation or attachment to a toy, he may conceal it in a secure location away from others in the household.

Caution With Spoiled Food

One of the dangers of food-hoarding involves spoiled food. If your ferret maintains a reserve of food, he may wind up consuming spoiled foods -- not good at all. If you are concerned about this possibility, give your treats in minimal amounts. Closely watch your ferret when he's eating, whether normal food or treats. When he's done, take away whatever is left. Make a point to routinely check your house for "surprise" ferret food storage.