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How to Get Guinea Pigs to Sleep at Night

Anyone who has tried to sleep in the same room as a guinea pig cage knows that the little rodents can be noisemakers at night. While you may not be able to get them to match your sleep schedule, you can take a few steps to minimize their activity during the overnight hours.

Activity and Comfort

Guinea pigs do not sleep for long periods like humans do, but you can gear them toward your own activity cycle by interacting with them regularly during the day and ensuring that the room is dark and quiet at night. Also, make sure your guinea pig has a cage mate, because a lonely, scared guinea pig may constantly make noise for attention and comfort.


One of the best ways to get guinea pigs to settle in at night is to establish a nighttime snack routine. Putting in a handful or two of fresh hay along with some quiet veggies like romaine leaves will give your guinea pigs something to concentrate on, and a few hours of feeling overly full afterwards. Just make sure you hold to your schedule, because if you forget the snacks one night, they will be sure to let you know!