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How Many Hours Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

i Michael Blann/Photodisc/Getty Images

You've likely noticed that your guinea pig is quite the active little fellow, spending the majority of his day without sleep. The average guinea pig typically only sleeps around four hours each day, usually in short naps of no more than 10 minutes each.

Sleep is Overrated

As prey animals, guinea pigs are constantly on alert for predators, sometimes even sleeping with their eyes open. While these furry little guys are most active at dawn, dusk and during the day, they aren't strictly diurnal or nocturnal. Instead, they're sporadically active throughout both day and night, according to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. Most guinea pigs sleep anywhere from 20 seconds to 6 minutes at a time, states "The Guinea Pig Handbook." Although a guinea pig may relax and stay still for up to 10 minutes, he usually only sleeps for periods of around 6 minutes.

Sleeping Arrangements for Your Cavy

While they don't sleep much, guinea pigs still need a secluded, comfy spot to snooze. Place a sleeping box or cuddle cup in your furry friend's cage and line it with some soft hay or paper bedding to keep him comfy. Get a large sleeping box for more than one guinea pig to share. Guinea pigs are social animals who enjoy living in groups of five to ten and will cuddle for warmth and security, according to Animal Planet.