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The Best Food for a Collie

By Tucker Cummings | Updated September 26, 2017

Perhaps best known from the classic TV show "Lassie," collies are one of the most beloved dog breeds. Taking care of your collie is very important, and providing her with the proper diet will ensure that she lives a long, happy life.


Some dog owners prefer to make their own dog food--using primarily cooked meats such as beef, chicken or lamb--rather than purchase premade dog foods that may contain additives.

Other Foods

The meats above can be augmented with plain yogurt, brown or white rice, pasta or chopped, cooked vegetables.

Dry Food

Ask your breeder what he recommends. Most collies are happy with national brands of dry dog food such as Iams, Science Diet, or Pedigree. Most breeders agree that dry food should make up the bulk of a dog's diet.

Wet Food

Wet food alone does not damage a dog's teeth. However, wet food can make your collie more prone to bad breath.

Foods to Avoid

Collies should never be given chocolate, grapes, raisins, spicy foods or foods with rich, fatty sauces. These items may cause stomach upset or even death in some cases.


Tucker Cummings is a freelance writer based in New England. She holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of New Hampshire and is a member of the Association of Professional Business Writers. Cummings is also a food writer and curates the blog, Brave New Breakfast.