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The Best Dry Food for Great Dane Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Great Danes develop differently than average-sized dogs. Their rapid growth can lead to developmental troubles if not fed in a balanced and controlled manner. A proper Great Dane dry food will accommodate a controlled-calorie intake while also providing optimal ingredients and protein levels.


When looking for a premium dog food first look at the ingredient list. The first five ingredients comprise the majority of the food. Great Danes need proper nutrition to develop properly, therefore do not feed a growing, adult or senior Great Dane a dog food containing corn, corn meal, grains, by-product meal, soy or ingredients you can't picture in your head. Choose a dog food with whole ingredients like chicken, lamb or beef.

Protein and Fat Levels

Feed Great Danes a dog food with the proper fat and protein levels to avoid developmental and health issues later in life. Great Danes need protein levels from 23 to 24 percent and 12 to 14 percent fat. Healthy protein sources will come from whole animal ingredients and healthy fat will also come from whole animal ingredients like chicken fat or oils such as sunflower oil, canola oil or flax oil. Avoid vegetable oil, which provides little nutritional value for dogs.

Innova Dry Dog Food

Innova dry dog food in large bites is a healthy option that contains all whole ingredients like chicken, turkey, flaxseed and sunflower oil. Innova has 25 percent protein and 14.28 percent fat. Innova contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Wellness dry dog food uses real meat with no hormones or byproducts. There is a variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy grains, which provide proper nutrition for growing and adult Great Danes.

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack has a line of large and giant breed dry dog food. Controlled calories and balanced mineral levels help support the proper rate of growth for large breed dogs. Eagle Pack contains no artificial ingredients, or byproducts.