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Why Red Meat Gets a Dog Sick

| Updated September 26, 2017

DogAge.com states that the best diet for your dog is one that sticks to dog food most of the time. This will help ensure that your pet will have the proper nutrition he needs. However, many people believe that feeding their dog red meat is good for his health and a positive addition to his diet. Unfortunately, dogs can become sick on human food, though, and some experts say that red meat is one of the foods that may make your dog ill.

Raw Red Meat

One reason that red meat may cause dogs to become sick is that their owners feed it to them raw. Raw red meat significantly increases the risk of gastrointestinal illness. This is because bacteria, cysts and parasites are often present in uncooked meat.

Red Meat with Bones

Red meat with bones can dramatically increase the risk of illness and should never be given to your pet. The bones in red meat splinter easily. These splinters may break off and puncture a dog's gastrointestinal tract.

Cooked Red Meat's Effects

Infopet.co.uk reports that there is evidence to suggest that dogs who eat a lot of red meat (cooked) are more likely to develop cancer. This is linked to the fact that dogs who eat mostly table scraps or human foods also tend to consume too much fat and not enough necessary cancer fighting nutrition. This type of diet also leads to more rapid aging for your pet.

Moderation of Cooked Red Meat

Though raw red meat and/or a diet high in cooked red meats may cause illness in your pet, DogAge states that small amounts of cooked red meat are acceptable occasionally and in moderation. Avoid regular usage, and use the cooked meat only occasionally, as a special treat.

Avoiding Red Meat

Though we believe that dogs are carnivores, findoutaboutdogs.com reports they actually do not need meat in order to survive. They are omnivores. Thus, you may choose to decrease the risk of illness by avoiding red meat in your dog's diet. This will not deprive your pet of necessary protein. They can do well on alternate protein and even plants and grains. If you choose a dog food that is complete and balanced, your dog will eat what he needs to be healthy.