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How to Wean Baby Lovebirds

i Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

Around five weeks of age, your young lovebird is ready to start the weaning process, which normally takes between three and five weeks. It is normal for your lovebird to lose some weight and eat sparingly during this time, as he is also shedding body fat in preparation for flying. If he becomes lethargic, acts ill or completely stops eating, contact your veterinarian.

Take It Slow

Continue your regular formula feeding schedule, offering your lovebird only as much formula as he will willingly consume. Even if he only eats a small amount, don't force feed him. Add a little bit of solid food to his cage, placing it next to the water bowl. Suitable foods include commercial weaning pellets, squash, carrots, mango, banana, apple, corn, millet, brown rice, cooked pasta, whole wheat bread and corn. At first, he may only play with the food, but eventually he will start eating it. Gradually start adding more food and follow his lead when it comes to offering formula. Eventually he won't want the formula and will only eat solid food. Some lovebirds are completely weaned after about three weeks, while others take five weeks or more. Don't starve your lovebird to encourage him to eat solid food. If he loses more than about seven grams in weight, contact your veterinarian.