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Musk Deer's Diet

i Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

The Siberian musk deer secretes from glands one of the most expensive scents in the world, which is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics. The deer is a native of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and northern regions of China and Korea. His habitat is typically forested mountain areas but may expand into valleys during summer as he searches for vegetation.

Musk Deer Diet

The musk deer is a nocturnal animal who prefers feeding at dusk and dawn. Lichens make up the majority of his diet and he eats an average of one pound 12 ounces daily. He even partly climbs tree trunks to get at the moss-covered bark. During winter, lichen accounts for 99 percent of his diet, although he may supplement with pine needles, leaves and tree bark. In summer, he eats more grasses and cereals, as well as the leaves of wineberry and bilberry bushes. The musk deer has a limited feeding range of just a few miles; his winter and summer feeding grounds are usually close together.