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Products for Dogs in Heat

| Updated September 26, 2017

Female dogs begin their first reproductive cycles between the ages of 4 months and 18 months. The maturation age varies depending on the breed. The symptoms associated with dogs in heat are often distressing for the entire family. Female dogs going through a heat cycle will cry out and bleed from her vulva. Thankfully, there are products that help keep your home clean and ease her discomfort.

Dog Diapers

Dog diapers are designed to trap blood while your dog is in heat. These diapers are effective at trapping moisture and keeping your dog and carpeting clean. The diapers do need to be changed often to prevent irritation. While your dog is in heat, change her diaper two times per day, depending on how often she bleeds. Some dogs bleed more than others.


Dog pads are made from the same cotton material as dog diapers, but the dog does not actually wear the pads. These pads are like mats that are laid on your dog's bed. Pads are ideal for dogs who are more laid back and like to relax during the day. Place the pad underneath your dog. You can also train your dog to go on the pad when she feels blood coming. The pads are very absorbent and beneficial for dogs who don't like to wear diapers.


Special wipes similar to baby wipes are also sold at the pet store. These wipes are made to help keep your dog clean and fresh. While your dog is in heat, you wipe the blood off of her several times per day to keep blood from building up on her fur and causing irritation. You can also cut the fur around her vulva to prevent her fur from matting.


Special treats to stimulate appetite are also available for dogs in heat. Some females lose their appetite and may become malnourished. These treats are filled with garlic and other foods to stimulate her taste buds.


Sprays are also available with scents that help make your dog less attractive to male dogs. The smell of the spray turns male dogs off, so they will not be lining up at your back yard fence.