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How to Tell When a Doberman is Pregnant?

| Updated September 26, 2017

Doberman Pinschers are one of the most common of pet breeds. Dobermans are known as being intelligent and loyal dogs. For that reason, doberman owners frequently attempt to breed doberman dogs. While finding out if your doberman is pregnant can only be 100 percent confirmed by a vet, there are several things you can look for to see if your doberman is expecting.

How to Tell Your Doberman is Pregnant

Note any behavioral changes. Your dog may have a loss of appetite. She may also be very lethargic and sleep more than she usually does. Your doberman could also show signs of being more protective of you or someone in your household. After a few days of low appetite, her appetite will increase rapidly. If you see these behavioral changes, your doberman could be pregnant.

Look for physical signs of pregnancy. Check if the nipples are larger or if they have become darker or more pinkish in color. The abdomen will also look more distended. Your doberman may also have pinkish or whitish discharge, similar to what would happen during her heat.

Ask your veterinarian. The vet can check hormone levels. If relaxin is evident in your dog's body, she is pregnant. The vet can also take an x-ray to check for puppies. The vet can also rub her abdomen to check for small lumps, which would be the growing puppies, inside. If your dog is pregnant, the gestation period is approximately 62 days.