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How to Line Breed Dogs to Begin a New Blood Line

| Updated November 01, 2017


  • Don't ever breed two dogs from the same litter together. This can cause genetic defects in the puppies. It is, however, okay to breed dogs from different litters even if they have the same parents.

How to Line Breed Dogs to Begin a New Blood Line. Beginning a new blood line of dog is a mark of achievement for many dog breeders. It takes a while to get a new blood line established. Line breeding is the first step to begin a new blood line.

Pick a registered stud and dam to breed. Both of these dogs should have good pedigrees. These will be the foundation dogs of your blood line. Consider the qualities you are breeding for such as temperament, bone structure and head size. Breed these dogs and keep a female from the litter. You need to keep the original sire and dam, too.

Breed three generations of female puppies back to your original sire. This concentrates the blood. This is called line breeding since you are breeding in a line back to the original sire.

Break the cycle after three generations are bred back to the original sire. You should bring in an outside male to breed to the female off the third generation breeding. Keep a female off of the outside breeding. You will breed her back to your original male.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to breed the original sire and dam more than once. It is possible to breed a puppy from the first litter they have together to a puppy from another litter they have together.

Brand your dog. Some kennel clubs will start blood lines. In most cases, you will have to register your kennel with the club. Contact the registry that your dogs are registered with to find out the rules for that club regarding starting blood lines.