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How to Train Male Dogs to Mount

| Updated August 11, 2017

Although mating comes naturally, dogs might not mate when you want them to. An inexperienced male dog might not know how to socialize with bitches and read their mating signs, leading to aggressive behavior when mating. The dog and the bitch might not get along immediately, or they might not be ready to mate yet. If you want your dog to be a good stud dog, you should train him for breeding from an early age.

Socialize the puppy with bitches as early as when he is three to four months old to teach him how to interact with them and what their signals mean.

Separate the male dog from the bitch if he tries to mount her before he is mature enough, but do not reprimand him for doing so.

Find a suitable bitch that is preferably experienced in mating when the male dog is eight to nine months old. Avoid bitches with aggression problems or reproductive problems.

Arrange a few meetings for the male dog and the bitch to interact and get to know each other. If any of the two dogs show signs of aggression, separate them and try again another day.

Place the male dog and the bitch in a controlled environment when the bitch seems ready to mate, for example when she stands and flags. Place them in a small room or on leashes and allow them to interact.

Hold the bitch and pat her on the rear to encourage the male dog to mount.

Praise the male dog when he mounts, and adjust their positions to help penetration. For example, you can lower or raise the bitch using telephone books or towels, or hold the male dog's rump against the bitch.