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Optrex for Dogs

| Updated September 26, 2017

Many dogs have allergies to environmental influences such as tree or weed pollens, mold or mildew. Allergies can lead to many different symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or wheezing as well as an eye discharge. If your dog is starts showing any of these symptoms, it may be an allergy or another more serious infection. Always check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is properly diagnosed. If allergies are the cause Optrex is sometimes used to help dog allergies, but is not an official canine product.


Optrex is an allergy eye drop. It helps to soothe itchy eyes proving relief and helping limit discharge. Optrex is best used at the onset of allergy season and during periods when pollen levels are high, generally from April through September. By using Optrex just before being exposed to an allergen you will limit the discomfort experienced from allergies resulting from hayfever, asthma or a household allergy. It is a popular remedy for dog eye allergies in Europe buy is not recommended in the Unites States.


If you decide to use Optrex after consulting your veterinarian, be cautious as look for any adverse effects. You must make sure to use clean hands when administering Optrex otherwise you may introduce other bacteria into the sensitive eye area. Clean excess hair and dirt around the eyes with a moistened cotton ball. Apply the drops in the lower lid. You should apply no more than two drops in each eye. If possible, close the eye and allow the Optrex to absorb into the eye. This may be difficult on your dog, but increases effectiveness.

Suitability for Dogs

The active ingredient in Optrex is cromoglycate which has shown to reduce allergen coughs in dogs in a study cited in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Dogs have many of the same biological workings of humans which is why they have been frequently used in pharmacology research. Any allergy is the result of a release of histamine which is a protein used to fight what the body interprets as a threat. This works in dogs very similarly as it does in humans.

Veterinarian Recommendations

There is no official prescription for Optrex therefore it is difficult to find any data beyond anecdotal information about dog owners being instructed to use Optrex on their dogs. While there is no official site that provides a veterinarians professional thoughts on the subject, there are no warning against the use of Optrex. The closest warning is that this is a human product and should be used with caution.

Other Eye Wash Ideas

Angel Eyes is a stain removers and wash. It isn't designed to deal with an allergic reaction such as hayfever in your dog. While cleaning your dog's eyes with this can clear the eye from excess mucous, it will not limit the release of histamine. Some recommendations instead of Optrex or Angel Tears is to use a warm tea compress on the eye. The caffeine will help reduce any swelling and the warmth will sooth the itchy dryness of the eyes.