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Are Mice Nocturnal?

i full moon in night sky image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.com

Bringing a new pet into your home, whether a mini mouse or a massive Mastiff, is always a major commitment. The better you understand your new pet the better you can accommodate his needs, and yours for that matter. Mice are largely nocturnal animals, although they are adaptable.

Are Mice Nocturnal?

Mice are indeed nocturnal little beings, according to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture's website. This is especially the case when it comes to wild mice. Pet mice that reside with people in a home setting may engage in activity both during daytime and nighttime, however. The daytime presence may be a result of feeding times. If an owner gives her pet mouse food only in the day, then the little one probably will adapt to being awake during that time frame.

Nighttime Noise

Since mice are usually nocturnal, you may hear a lot of business going on when you're attempting to get some shut-eye at night. From the sounds of his vigorous wheel running and playing around to the unmistakable noise of munching on cardboard tubes, a mouse may wake you several times through the course of a night. If you sleep like a champ, however, this may not pose a problem at all.


Because of the nocturnal nature of mice, you may notice your wee rodents aren't particularly big on bright lighting at all. To get around this problem, house your pet in a room with soft bulbs that aren't especially harsh or vivid. Spare your poor pet unnecessary eye discomfort and sensitivity.

Time Frame

Mice tend to conduct most of their daily business during the time frame of roughly 30 minutes post-sunset to 30 minutes pre-sunrise every day. If wild mice inhabit your home, you may not ever see them because of this. The key hint of their presence will be droppings in nooks of your home. Like mice, rats and various other rodents tend to be nocturnal in their patterns.