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How Long Do Pet Mice Live?

i Little mouse image by Multiart from Fotolia.com

Mice can be fun pets. They're active and they've very sociable. They live very short lives, though; if you have young kids in the house, it might be difficult for them to become attached to a pet mouse only to lose him after a short time. In the end, how much time and energy you spend on your furry one will help determine how long he lives.

Average Lifespan

The average pet mouse lives between one and two years, according to the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. This is one of the shortest lifespans of any pet rodent. For example, both pet rats and hamsters live two to three years.

Wild Mice

Pet mice are cousins of the wild mice you see in cities and the countryside. While both could technically live up to two years, many wild mice won't make it that long because of predators and other factors.


The type of life you create for your pet mice will greatly affect how long he lives. For example, mice are very social animals, so getting yours a companion will keep him happier -- and hopefully healthier. A healthy, nonfattening diet will also keep him around for longer -- obesity can overload a mouse's heart and lead to early death.

Health Issues

Mice are relatively healthy animals, with few major health issues. According to the Small Animal Channel, cancer is the one health issue mice owners should watch out for. If you find any lumps, immediately have a vet qualified to treat exotic pets check yours out.