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How Long Do Balloon Mollies Live?

Balloon mollies, sometimes known as potbelly mollies, are a hybrid of species belonging to the genus Poecilia. Specially bred for their deep bodies and distended-looking bellies, these fish look somewhat more unusual than other kinds of mollies. As relatively hardy fish, mollies are a popular choice for beginner fishkeepers. These peaceful fish are suitable to be kept in community tanks with other non-aggressive fish of similar sizes.

Average Life Expectancy

As balloon mollies have been interbred to achieve a specific appearance, they have a shorter life expectancy than other molly species. Their large belly is actually a result of a spinal deformity, which carries with it some associated health problems. On average, they will only live for one to one and a half years. By comparison, naturally occurring types of mollies can live for up to five years if properly cared for. If you'd rather have a longer-living fish, you may be better off keeping a different type of molly.