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Can Dwarf Gouramis Live Alone?

Despite their name, dwarf gouramis (Colisa lalia) aren't especially tiny fish, reaching an average of 3 1/2 inches long. In the wild, this freshwater species originates from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but has been introduced to other countries, including the United States and Colombia. As they're relatively hardy and come in a variety of striking colors, these fish are a popular addition to home aquariums.

Fishy Friends

Since dwarf gouramis are social fish, they should be kept in pairs or small schools. They're naturally shy, so if they're kept alone they're likely to become timid and spend their days hiding away. A large group of males in the same tank can be territorial, but this can be remedied by keeping them in a large aquarium where they can stake out their own space. Since they're a peaceful species, they can be kept in a community aquarium with other nonaggressive fish of a similar size, such as guppies or tetras.