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How to Introduce New Bearded Dragons

i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Bearded dragons are small reptiles from Australia, named for the distinct horns around their throats. Beardies are low-maintenance pets, requiring a simple enclosure, basic temperature control and regular feeding and handling. These pets are best kept solitary, but it is possible to keep more than one in the same enclosure if you follow specific rules. Introducing two beardies is a delicate process that takes several weeks. It is critical for the health of your pets that you approach the introduction with care and respect.

Step 1

Consider the sex of the two animals. Males and females can live together until sexual maturity, but mating efforts on the part of the male will make this arrangement stressful after that time. Additionally, two adult males will constantly jockey for dominance and territory. Females can be kept together without incident in most cases.

Step 2

Keep the new bearded dragon in a separate environment for at least 30 days to ensure it is in good health and does not carry dangerous parasites or disease. This keeps your other pet safe.

Step 3

Place the new dragon in the enclosure with your current pet only after you are certain it is healthy. Watch the two animals carefully for signs of aggression like puffed-up beards, hissing and bobbing heads.

Step 4

Increase the duration of each encounter slowly until you can safely leave the two dragons in the same enclosure.