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How to Transport Fish

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Net

  • Cooler

  • Fresh water

  • Black garbage bags

  • Water conditioner treatment

  • Portable air stone

  • Towels

  • Mild dish detergent

  • Aquarium filter

  • Portable power inverter

You've prepared for the movers, cleaners and the transfer of your four-legged friend. Just one issue remains unfinished: your pet fish is still in the aquarium. You love your gold fish and wouldn't dream of giving them away, so you've decided to take them with you. Whether you're moving across town or across the country, you can safely transport your fish and save money by doing it yourself. If you think it's time consuming, think again.

Don't feed your gold fish for at least 2 days prior to your move.

Clean the cooler with the dish detergent. Rinse all residue well.

Put a black garbage bag inside the cooler. This will keep the light from creeping in and stressing the fish.

Rinse the air stone and place in the cooler. Pour water of the same temperature as the aquarium in the cooler about 2/3 full.

Pour the water conditioner treatment in the cooler according to dosage instructions.

Put your gold fish gently in the cooler on the day of travel or before. Start the air filter immediately. The less stress on the fish the safer their journey will be.

Lay down towels and garbage bags in your vehicle. Have a partner help move the cooler into your vehicle. Keep it as stable as possible.

Place the filter in the cooler and connect to the inverter. Plug the inverter into a power point in your vehicle. Periodically check on your fish to make sure the filter and air stone are working properly, and the fish are healthy.


  • Maintain the temperature of the water. If traveling over long distances, do not use the back of a pick up truck to transport fish.


  • Do not place aquarium plants in the cooler. Do not feed your gold fish while in transport.