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How to Install a Thermometer Strip in an Aquarium

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Glass cleaner

  • Lint-free towel

  • Credit card or flat object

The water temperature in your fish tank is important. Installing a thermometer to read the temperature of the water in the tank will help you to ensure the water is never too cool or too warm. A change in the aquarium's water temperature can not only harm your fish, plants and coral, it can kill them. Having the ability to monitor the water temperature with a thermometer strip can help to avoid such drastic cases. The installation takes only a few minutes, and you can remove it if you desire.

Clean the outside of the fish tank with glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and wipe the area of the glass where you want to install the thermometer strip. You can place it on the front, back or side of the tank.

Peel the adhesive backing off the thermometer strip.

Line the thermometer strip up to the glass, then press it against the glass.

Rub over the strip with a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles behind the strip.


  • Strip thermometers may not always provide the most accurate temperature. For the most accurate reading, use a thermometer that is submerged into the tank.