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How to Make Dog Collars & Leashes

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Your choice of material (anything from leather to nylon to velvet)

  • Sewing machine

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Plastic backpack clips and large key ring

  • Nylon or hemp rope (any type and length, not less than 5 feet)

  • Plastic loop joiner

  • A standard carabineer

If you want to custom make your own dog collar and leash to give your pet that "personalized" look, but hate dressing your pet up, then making your own dog collars and leashes can be the perfect way to give you pooch that perfect — but not prissy — accessory. You can easily construct a collar and leash to match every outfit, up to and including your own.

Making a Dog Collar

Hem the collar. Fold over the materials for your collar and sew them together, first one side and then the other. Use a zig zag stitch to hold things firmly and prevent fraying. If you are using leather and want big rustic style loops, you can use thick waxed thread and do the same thing with a needle and thread.

Attach the fastener. Fold over your material and thread it though the female end of the plastic clip. Sew the loop together so that the clip is held at one end of the collar.

Fold over your material and thread it through both the key ring and the male end of the plastic clip and sew them together. You should use the same type of tight, small loop of fabric that you used on the female end. This will be the collar. Based on your pet's neck size, allow about ½ inch clearance on all sides. If you have more, then fold the collar and stitch it to take it in.

Make the handle for the leash. On the end of your rope that you will hold on to, take the plastic joiner, make the loop in the rope that is comfortable for your hand, insert the end into the joiner, and seal it down. Most will have either a lever that uses pressure in place, or a sticky strip that will hold the ends together permanently.

Tie the other end to a carabineer. The carabineer's spring hinged door will allow you to easily clip the leash onto the key ring so that you can now take your pet for a walk. You can now use your custom made leash to walk your pet on his custom made collar.


  • Measure your pet's neck before constructing the collar if this is possible. If not, then estimate generously so that you do not have to remake the collar. You can purchase the plastic backpack clips and large key ring wherever sewing supplies are sold.